Sharpen your Kids’ Word Skills with Boggle Flash

Schools are opening in a few weeks time. So, how are you preparing your kids for them? As early as now, you must set their minds for school and sharpen their word skills. But hey, you don’t have to make this seem like a chore. In fact, you can make it more fun and exciting by letting them play and learn at the same time. All you need is an educational toy gadget like the Boggle Flash.

You know Boggle, right? It’s the word game that lets players shake and then arrange sixteen cubes, each with a single letter per face, into a square. Players will then form words out of the letters and agree if such words are acceptable or not. If accepted, each word will be scored by length. Three and four letter words get one point, five letter words earn two points, six and seven letter words earn three points, and anything above seven letters earns eleven points. This game appeals to a lot of people even up to now. Actually, you can also let your kids play this to sharpen their word skills. But if you want a hi-tech way of learning, then the Boggle Flash is the better option.

This educational gadget is actually a better version of the old Boggle. The main difference of this from the previous game is that this only comes with five chunky digital tiles while the latter is made up of sixteen cubes. The tiles then magically form up to five-letter words in anagram form, ready for you to organize into different words. Three game options are available for you and your kids – one is finding as many 3-5 letter words as you can, two is sticking to 5-letter words, and three is playing against each other in a race against time. Whatever option you choose, this will surely be a fun game to play, not to mention very educational too as this will help sharpen your kids’ word skills.

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