SensoGlove – The Only Golf Glove with Built-in Digital Computer

In playing golf, a lighter grip is very important because it enhances distance and accuracy with every club, including chipping and putting. That’s the reason every golfer practices so hard and employs every possible technique just to get the right grip and win the game. Good news! There’s now a way to monitor the pressure of your grip and that’s through the SensoGlove. This is the first and only golf glove equipped with a built-in digital computer and sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip.

Using this glove in your regular practice will sure help you know the right grip pressure that will allow for a smooth and consistent swing which results in greater distance and improved precision. The sensors in SensoGlove’s built-in digital computer are strategically positioned throughout the glove, to actively monitor your grip and send instant feedback at all the points of your swing. The moment your grip gets too tight, the SensoGlove’s audio feedback will warn you so you can adjust it and maintain the correct grip pressure. Despite its amazing features, the SensoGlove looks, feels, and works like an ordinary golf glove, so it can be used for practice or during the actual play.

The lightweight digital computer in this glove can be removed and replaced without actually removing the glove. This means you have the option to use it only when you feel the need for it. If you find the SensoGlove interesting, click here and check the availability of this device along with other related products like Golf Sensor.

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