Sega MegaDrive Console – Because Old-School is Cool

Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii – there’s no doubt that these three major gaming consoles have taken the gaming industry by storm. Kids and even adult gadget geeks could hardly wait for a newer version to be launched, much more for additional fun games and accessories that will be offered for these. But there’s a not-so-into-hi-tech-gaming-consoles fans out there who’d rather stick to the old Sega type of consoles. If you’re among them, well here’s an exciting gadget for you – the Sega MegaDrive Console.

This gaming console can play all region original Sega Megadrive and Genesis cartridges. It comes with 10 built-in classic Sega Megadrive games like Alien Storm, Altered Beast, and Columns, so no need to buy separate CDs to be able to play with this one. It also includes two six button controllers and plugs directly into your TV.

If you and your kids are frequent travelers, here’s the feature that you will surely love – the Sega MegaDrive console is small and very portable. So wherever you go, you can bring this without the added bulky weight to your luggage. Can you do that with other gaming consoles? Definitely not. So for people who are always on the go, this will sure provide so much convenience.

When you get this gaming console, you get all these:

* 2x six button controllers
* Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console
* AC power adapter
* TV connector

And here’s the complete list of the built-in games:

* Alien Storm
* Altered Beast
* Columns
* Fatal Labrynth
* Golden Axe
* Shadow Dancer
* Streets of Rage
* Streets of Rage 3
* Sonic Spinball

Truly, old-school is cool! Order the Sega MegaDrive Console today.

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