Secure Your Door and Your Sleep with Ila Portable Door Alarm Wedge

If you have watched the movie Psycho and its other suspense rip-offs, then you know that when staying in an unfamiliar hotel or lodging house, or even at home, it pays to be overly cautious especially of intruders. Too late finding out that the likes of Norman Bates, Jack Torrance, Hannibal Lecter, Jigsaw, and other unwanted prowlers (fictional or not) sneaked out on you while you’re sleeping can be your worst and last nightmare. To give trespassers an alarming surprise if they attempt to enter through your door unnoticed, use the new Ila Portable Door Alarm Wedge. This portable door security alarm should put your mind at ease before you take snooze, simply turn it on and slip it under your door. When turned on, the alarm is on a ready standby and will activate when the swing cover is opened about 1.5 degrees and latched. If anybody tries to get in unannounced, this device will set of an ear-piercing 130 decibels alarm that can startle the intruder, attract attention, summon help, and more importantly wake you up.

The Ila Portable Door Alarm Wedge is small and lightweight enough to be carried around in your bag or pocket so that you can take it with you anywhere you want to sleep with a peace of mind. It runs on four LR43 alkaline button cells and measures about 14cm (L) x 5.7cm (W) x 3.4cm (H).

Add security, get Ila Portable Door Alarm Wedge here!

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