Secure You Smartphone with Cell Phone Recon Monitoring Solution

No matter how smart your smartphone is, once lost or stolen it won’t march right into your home’s doorstep – you eventually will have to look for it. That’s the hard part unless you’re already one of those who took it upon themselves to secure their phone with the new Cell Phone Recon. It is a handy and stealthy solution for you to trace, monitor and track your smartphone. It can log incoming and outgoing text messages, calls, and emails (limited to BlackBerry), as well as tag the geographical location of your precious phone. This software can also enable users to create an online back-up and detailed logs of their mobile phone activities. The advanced GPS tracking can accurately pinpoint the exact coordinates and address of the smartphone and show it in Google Maps. The location is updated regularly every 15 minutes. In case the phone is not in a direct satellite grid, its location can still be approximated within a 500 meter radius.

The software is relatively easy to install and use, the first step is inserting the included stainless steel gun metal web USB key into a computer. It would open a website and prompt the user to enter their license key. Then it will ask for the phone’s unique IMEI number. The third step involves using the smartphone’s browser to visit the installation URL, complete required fields, and sync the phone on Cell Phone Recon’s website. After that, simply download the tracking software, install it and restart the phone. Now the phone will have its activities recorded, contents backed-up, and GPS information displayed on the website’s administrator panel. The serial key can be linked only to a single phone at a time but it can be transferred to other pones.

Cell Phone Recon comes with a 5-year access and unlimited data storage from the date of activation. The software is compatible with BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile – based system.

You can purchase it here.

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