Secure and Protect Your Money with iWallet

Usually the only safe place to store your hard earned money is inside a bank’s vault – and even that is not safe enough from determined crooks. In reality, there’s no really fool-proof way to secure or keep your important belongings but any help you can get to deter would-be-thieves and criminals can mean the difference between a victim and a victor. You don’t need to strap yourself a whole security system or be surrounded with an elite squadron of security agents to keep your money safe (but if you have the dough, why not), sometimes a simple and discrete solution like the new iWallet would do. This nifty gadget is a hard case, tamper resistant wallet made of tough plastic composites with a built-in fingerprint reader. The wallet would open only if it reads the owner’s fingerprint – a cool feature to protect your wallet from prying hands of some overly curious wife or a desperate destitute attendant looking for a quick financial fix. Having iWallet is just like having a personal vault right inside your pocket.
Another great feature is Bluetooth Technology pairing with select cellular phones. By linking iWallet to your Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone, you can set them to produce a loud alarm whenever they are more than 10-15 feet apart. This can serve both as a thief deterrent as well as a reminder that either of your mobile phone or wallet is not in their proper place. The iWallet is available in carbon fiber, fiber glass and polycarbonate construction with different colors and patterns to choose from.

The designer behind iWallet guarantees to protect their customer’s privacy and they offer their technology in a licensable design that can be incorporated into OEM products. See other color options here.

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