Scrolling LED License Plate Flash Frame – Imagine the Possibilities

Do you know that you can now express your thoughts and display your favorite jokes, trivia, and favorite song lyrics or phone not just in your social media accounts but also in your very own vehicle license plate? Also, do you want to promote your business, web site, or even your political candidate? Or do you want to tell people more about your vehicle? Well, imagine all these possibilities and more because you can very much do all these using only this ingenious Scrolling License Plate Flash Frame!

This LED license plate frame is one of the coolest accessories that you can add to your vehicle, no matter what make or model that is. What the frame does is that it allows you to display your own messages beneath your ride’s license plate. All you need to do is to create and enter up to 5 messages with a maximum length of 120 characters each using the included wireless remote control. You can also choose from 3 different scroll speeds, so if you want the messages to appear for a longer duration in the frame, then opt for the slower mode.

To attach this to your vehicle, simply connect the 2 wires (power and ground) to its electrical system. If you are not too familiar with this, well you can always refer to the included quick start guide.

Take note, however, that this car accessory may not be legal in your state. So be sure to check your local laws before getting one.

Order the Scrolling LED License Plate Flash Frame here!

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