Samsung SH100 – Ultimate Connectivity Even on the Move

Taking photos, uploading them to your computer, and connecting to the Internet and social networks just to share them to your friends and loved ones is now a thing of the past. With Samsung’s latest contribution to CES 2011 – the SH100, you get easily connected, yes without a PC, mobile phone, or netbook, wherever you are in the world.

Dubbed as a a compact Wi-Fi enabled camera, the SH100 is designed to deliver high quality shots that you can easily share over the Internet or directly upload them to various social networks like Facebook. You can even record HD videos and share them instantly via YouTube. And since it comes with a Boingo account, you get to access not just one or two hotspots but more than 200,000.

But the advantage of the SH100 does not end there. Being the latest fully connected camera for 2011, you can also connect it to your Android powered Galaxy S phone if you want to have real-time view of the shot you want to take. Such feature allows you to zoom in and out or remotely activate your camera’s shutter using the phone itself. Plus, with your phone’s GPS, you can record your exact location when you take the shot. These features will be especially useful if you are shooting over a crowd at a concert. Simply enable the Remote Viewfinder function while you have a real-time view on your phone screen and record your location so your friends will know that indeed you’re there at the concert.

This Samsung SH100 will be available by March 2011. For the meantime, check out these Samsung WiFi Cameras at Amazon.

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