Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone

Are you the kind of person who wants to get rid of your past and remember nothing about it? Perhaps, it’s because of a bad experience you’ve had or you just want to look forward into the future with so much zeal and optimism and without looking back. However, there are also people who prefer to have bits of the past go along with them as they face each and every day of their lives because they need these things to remind them of their roots and of what they’ve gone through. If you’re the latter type of person, then the Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone is perfect for you!

What makes this device extraordinary is its unique retro design that will sure match those antique stuffs in your home. Despite its classic looks, the Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone features advanced technology that allows great communication. Its base unit is outfitted with a tactile keypad that surrounds an LCD touchscreen display. All of these features reside within a chrome dial. When not in use, the phone will display the time and it can be used for other functions as well.

With the telephone’s display, it will be way too easy for you to access your phone book, messages, and phone settings. When a call comes in, it even flashes up the caller ID. It can deliver up to 10 hours talk time and 120 hours standby. Interested? Click here and find out more about the Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone’s features and technical specifications.

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