Review: Wave Cradle iPhone Stand

Are you not getting enough sound from your iPhone and are thinking about getting a sound enhancement on your device? We’ve found a better way to achieve that with the Wave Cradle iPhone stand!

First, yes, it’s an iPhone stand. But, it’s designed to enhance the sound coming from your iPhone when we dock the phone on the said device. The stand is designed to curve smoothly on the bottom, so the sound coming from the bottom speaker of the iPhone that’s supposed to be directed downwards is moved toward the listener instead. The result? Improved sound!

We’ve tried the device and docked the iPhone on its usual position (vertically), and the sound enhancement has been noticeable. However, it doesn’t work when the iPhone is docked horizontally (such as when watching videos) because the sound is coming from the bottom of the phone.

In terms of construction, the Wave Cradle iPhone stand has a high-quality build and has a non-slip design at the back and bottom. It also looks sleek and very modern, perfect for complementing your iPhone, although a little bit bulky. And, it doesn’t require anything else for it to work – no battery or any additional add-on, and no more need for speakers. It’s actually a green way to get sound enhancement on your iPhone and it’s designed very simply, not to say that it serves a dual purpose. And as long as you position your iPhone with the speakers at the bottom, it will deliver its promise. The stand is on offer right now, and the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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