Retro DAB and iPhone Radio

Are you one of those geeks who are drooling over high-end gadgets with classic looks or vintage details? You sure will find the Retro DAB and iPhone Radio a must-buy. This gadget takes pride in being equipped with DAB and FM tuners so you can tune in to the FM station of your choice and listen to your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere. This radio is wrapped in beautiful leather surround, making it a very trendy alternative to ordinary radios out there. Despite its 50s feel, it sure will bring new age noise to your room!

True, this is no ordinary radio. Why? Because it allows you to connect an iPod or iPhone, so you can play here the tracks stored in the said gadget. This is possible, thanks to Retro Radio’s speakers, which also double as charger for the device. The Retro DAB and iPhone Radio delivers up to 15 hours battery life so it can provide the noise you need for your picnics or parties. And yes, this is compact enough to bring with you anywhere you want to go.

To know more about the Retro DAB and iPhone radio, here are its features:

• Leather surround and handle
• DAB and FM Tuners
• Battery power option for use on the go
• Charges iPhone/iPod
• AUX-in for other sources
• Dual Alarm
• Wake up to radio, iPhone or buzzer
• Snooze and sleep mode

Technical Specifications:
• 2x 1.5W speakers
• Up to 15 hours battery life
• 3.5mm AUX-in

Click here to purchase the Retro DAB and iPhone Radio.

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