Replace your Traditional Key Chain with Keyport

Tired of your traditional keychain that looks so bulky when placed in your pocket? It’s time to set that aside and organize your keys in the Keyport. This is a streamlined device that consolidates the personal items you use to put in your keychain. It is just about the size of an auto key fob and it provides access to each key in a slide of your thumb. The Keyport is compatible with a wide range of keys worldwide and it fits comfortably even in the fifth pocket of your jeans so you can bring it anywhere you go.

The benefit that Keyport has is, it will not dangle on the motorcycles handlebars and scratch your bike. It is packed with six blades and weighs less than six standard keys. And yes, with the Keyport, you no longer need to endure and be ashamed of the dangling sound made by your keys, which is pretty much like announcing to everyone that you are arriving. If you love stylish accessories, you can also decorate the Keyport with diamond nodes, retractable reels, neck lanyards, and a lot more.

Moreover, the Keyport can accommodate chipped auto keys used in modern automobiles these days. It also allows lanyard attachments so you can add loose items like alarm remote to its lanyard string. Since it is built for modern lifestyles, Keyport will sure match your style no matter what you do and what you’re wearing. Every Keyport comes with a serial number that can be used to reunite a recovered Keyport and its owner.

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