Record Your Own Bicycle Bell for More Cycling Fun

Say goodbye to the old and boring sound of your bicycle bell. Now, you can have more fun cycling with your very own recorded bicycle bell. That’s right! Why settle with your bike’s old bell sound if you can very much use a more exciting sound like a dog’s bark or something which is kind of scary like an evil laugh? Record your own bicycle bell now using a gadget that is named similarly like what you exactly want to do.

Yes, I’m not kidding, indeed this gadget is called Record Your Own Bicycle Bell. And just like what it’s name suggests, this allows you to record your own sound and use it as your very own bicycle bell. So do away with the boring standard ringing bell sound. You can record your baby’s loud cry if you want or the opposite, its loud and cute laughter. If you don’t have a baby yet, well you can settle with your favorite r & b or dance music, or something that will sure catch the attention of many such as the Buzz sound in Yahoo Messenger or the hammering sound in Facebook’s Cityville. Let’s just see if nobody will be alerted by any of those sounds.

With a more exciting sound used as your bicycle bell, cycling will certainly be more fun. But that does not end there. Since it features up to 20 seconds record time, all the more you’ll be able to let everyone know you are there – so that’s added safety as well. Order the Record Your Own Bicycle Bell here!

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