Razer Scarab Gaming Mat – Give Your Mouse the Fractal Edge

Now here’s a mouse pad made for the Pharaohs of gaming – the new Razer Scarab.

This high performance gaming mouse mat is the much awaited successor to the infamous Razer Destructor and is built upon Destructor’s core Fractal surface technology. The end result is the Scarab mat with Fractal 2.0 surface composed of different smaller areas that divides the entire mouse pad with each area self-similar to its surrounding area. This layout helps the mouse sensor to achieve a highly responsive and uniform tracking turning the Razer Scarab into a fine-tuned all around mouse pad that’s capable of smooth movements across the entire surface as well as clear-cut movements for pinpoint accuracy. The advanced Fractal 2.0 textured surface also adds superior tracking precision; it features crystalline coated grained surface that aids sensors recognize mouse positions faster and more accurately.

The Razer Scarab hard mouse pad is optimized for both optical and laser mouse, it measures 350(W) x 250(L) x 3(H) mm making it suitable for most gaming situations. It additionally features an improved rubber base that evens out slightly jagged or rough surface underneath for better stability and control. Like all high-end gadgets, it comes with a compulsory reinforced carrying case for extra protection while transporting your gears to where the gaming action is.

You can view more Razer gaming mouse mat here.

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