Razer Mouse Bungee – Control your Mouse, Don’t Let It Control You

Drag-free cord control. Anti-slip feet for heavy duty stability. And space saving. These are the three main benefits of this ingenious gadget accessory called Razer Mouse Bungee. This is not the first of its kind; in fact this is already an update to an old-school mouse cord management accessory that Razer acquired. They know exactly how frustrating it is for gamers to be constantly bugged by their mouse cord, so they come up with this updated version to let gamers control their mouse and not the other way around.

Okay, let’s first look at its drag-free cord control benefit. If you are a hardcore gamer, every computer accessory that makes your gaming as convenient and as comfortable as possible counts, right? So, this Mouse Bungee is made with gamers like you in mind. This helps you keep the mouse cord off the ground by making sure that it is threaded through the raised spring arm. As a result, the cord will never tangle or cause friction against the surface-top, reducing drag and ensuring hassle-free swipes.

Next, it features an anti-slip feet for heavy duty stability. When gaming, you need to perform fast and aggressive mouse swipes in order to win, right? So this is where this feature plays a big role – to make sure that your Mouse Bungee remains stable in spite of your fast mouse swipes. The weight installed in the base’s centre along with the anti-slip feet makes this possible.

And lastly, this is space saving. With its small footprint, you can save as much space as you can, making it a totally cool addition to your gaming setup.

The Razer Mouse Bungee will sure be a worthwhile investment if you are into hardcore gaming. If you want an equally reliable mouse, then check out these Razer Mouse and other products here.

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