Razer Hydra – Enjoy More Ways to Play

Hercules once crushed the fearsome Hydra during one of his Greek adventures, now that the monster has been revived by Razer – it is back with a vengeance. Worry not about regenerating heads, this time the Razer Hydra is a motion sensing controller specially made for PC gaming. It’s been summoned to help PC gamers go head to head with other gaming consoles in terms of gaming interactive experience. Razer developed the Hydra to be the world’s premier gaming motion sensing controller powered by Sixense. This gaming gadget will come in two packages, there is the standalone unit with two controllers and there is the more exciting Portal 2 special edition bundle. Founding on the initial success of the 2007 Game of the Year, Razer Hydra will come with a full version of the game sequel, Portal 2, and other pretty awesome exclusive Portal 2 contents.

Razer Hydra allows a gamer to naturally translate their body motion into a PC game. When used with Portal 2, this intuitive gaming controller introduced new ways to interact with the game. Now, players can spontaneously reach out, interact with physics puzzles, shoot portals and jump across wide chasms in complete 3D. Furthermore, by using Razer’s signature ultra-low latency and highly precise one-to-one tracking to the precise millimeter and degree, gamers can experience a superior gaming experience.

Controller Features:

• Thumb-ergonomic analog stick for fluid control
• 4 Hyperesponse action buttons
• Rapid-fire trigger and bumper for faster in-game response
• Non-slip satin grip surface
• True six degree-of-freedom magnetic motion tracking
• Lightweight, anti-tangle braided cable

Base Unit Features:

• Low-power magnetic field, low power consumption
• Ultra precise sensor for 1mm and 1 degree tracking
• No line of sight to controllers required
• Low latency feedback

Find your own Razer gaming controller here.

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