RageGage – Because You’re No Angry Bird

Angry Birds – this is one of the latest craze in mobile gaming today. Who wouldn’t get hooked to it? Those birds are really eager to destroy all those pigs stationed on or within various structures and just the thought that you have the control to launch those birds is what makes the game more exciting. But when it comes to real life situations, you’re no angry bird that needs to destroy something or someone at that matter just to release your anger. To find rage relief, this Angry Birds will certainly not do the trick, what will help you instead is this thing called the RageGage.

Designed specifically for rage relief, the RageGage is a dynamic, customizable pad that you can smash whenever you throw a tantrum. Getting angry is normal because we do have our frustrating moments from time to time. But what’s not normal is when you start hurting yourself or destroying pigs like the Angry Birds do just to release pent up anger. So instead of releasing that anger in a destructive manner, might as well release it on this smash pad because it is designed to take as much physical abuse as you can dish out. And what makes this product more exciting is that when smashed, it plays a voice clip based on how hard you hit it. It will then flash a red warning LED if it thinks that you are playing over board.

So, what do you think about this rage relief gadget? Want to grab one? Order the RageGage here.

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