Put the Pedal to the Metal with CSR Elite Pedals

Getting a premium steering wheel game controller is just winning half the race. To totally dominate the competition, you need a complete controller set up, and that means getting some serious gaming race pedals like the new Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals. The CSR Elite Pedal features a completely revamped design that’s more ergonomic and realistic than its predecessors. It uses pressure sensitive Load Cell brake technology that focuses on the amount of force exerted on the pedal rather than travel when the foot pedals are engaged. This technology allows the CSR Elite Pedals to have a real-life feel and responsiveness to it. Furthermore, its brake, clutch, and accelerator pedals are manufactured from high-quality lightweight aluminum for that solid feel especially when you’re pushing the pedal to the metal so to speak.

The CSR Elite Pedals are fully customizable; the pedal positions, sprint tension, and pedal angle can be adjusted for optimum player comfort and gaming performance. This pedal set is also the first of its kind to offer optional Inversion Kit so that gamers can invert the entire or each pedal to suit their driving style. The CSR Elite also features removable pedals that can be outfitted to custom racing cockpits.

This pedal controller supports most known racing games and can be used with any wheel controllers when connected to a PC via USB. It can also be directly connected to the latest Fanatec wheels excluding the original 911 Turbo model.

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