Privacy Manager USB Fingerprint Reader – Digital Protection at Your Fingertips

Internet and computer related security threats are real and as terrifying as an end-of-the-world nightmare. Try as you would to secure your every account with cryptographic passwords and mind numbing alphanumeric combinations, there is always a chance of forgetting them or a security leak. Don’t risk your personal data and worse, your identity – secure your accounts and log-ins with the new Privacy Manager USB Fingerprint reader.

Rather than memorizing or writing down your every password and security keys, this nifty little device allows you to access your multiple web-based and computer accounts using your own fingerprint. Since no fingerprints are alike, you are assured that you are the only one that can gain entry to your social networking profile, online financial services, email, airline and hotel reservations, and even your personal computer. With the Privacy manager USB Fingerprint reader, you don’t have to memorize all those passwords, forget a password, or put your accounts at risk.

Here’s the quick summary of Privacy Manager USB Fingerprint reader’s specifications:

• Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/CE, Linux, Mac OS
• Frees your mind from remembering multiple passwords
• Easily log into your online accounts with just a quick swipe/scan of a finger
• Supports any password-protected web accounts
• Locks/unlocks your Windows computer
• Connects directly to your PC thru a USB cable
• Small and portable so you can carry it with you wherever you go

Get Privacy Manager USB Fingerprint Reader here!

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