Prevent Weight-Burdened Travels with Digital Luggage Scale

There are things far worse than a delayed flight, a nosy seatmate and botched airlines meals – oversized and overweight baggage fees. A transgression so vile that some airline companies will charge you triple penalty for going the tiniest bit about their limits. Preventing oversized baggage is easy, just get a tape measure, measure your bag, if it’s too big, get a new one. You’ll sort it out before having to be confronted by the airport patrol. The weight is the tricky part; especially if your estimation skill is way off.

Before your lucky guess of your bag’s weight get you in trouble with the airport staff and penalty charges are put into places, better get the new Digital Luggage Scale. It’s fast and easy to use, just pack your bag and attach it to the scale. Then pick the weighing gadget up and it will display the weight of the bag. The scale is limited to 50kg or 110 lbs. and features an overload indicator when you go over the limit. It’s powered by a built-in 3v lithium cell battery. It also has a nifty screen-lock, unlike other scales, Digital Luggage Scale’s LCD screen will capture the optimum reading and will continue to display it long enough for you to settle your argument with the airport official. If you’re one of those who packs heavy every trip, then this gadget might be you’re next best travel buddy.

Purchase it here.

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