Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charger – Charges Anytime, Anywhere

If you are the outdoorsy type of person who is also a heavy user of gadgets such as cellphone, MP3 player, digital cam, and GPS, then the need to charge them anytime and anywhere could be your top priority. Unfortunately, not all places that you go to can be that convenient, as far as charging is concerned. Good thing, there is now a fuel cell charger that will provide you with all the charging solutions that you need – introducing the Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charger!

Designed to work with all the devices that can be charged via USB like cellphones, MP3 players, and digicams, the Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charger provides instant power anytime, anywhere, even in outdoor locations where it’s difficult to find a place with wall outlet to recharge. And since it is pocket-size, it’s very convenient to bring along especially for those who love to conquer the great outdoors like you.

Powertrekk is actually a 2-in-solution since it is both a portable battery pack and fuel cell. So how do you use this device? First, remove the tray system and then insert the fuel pack into the fuel compartment. Second, fill up the water compartment to approximately one tablespoon and close the lid after. Once the lid is closed, you can now re-attach the tray system. Then next, connect the electronic device that you wish to charge to the Powertrekk using USB-A connector. Charging will then start automatically.

So the next time you enjoy a nice getaway outdoors, be sure to have this Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charger. But since there’s no word yet as to when this will be available, might as well look at these fuel cell charger options at Amazon.

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