PowerPak – The Ultimate Universal Power Charging Solution

Are you a geek and a traveler rolled into one? If you answered yes, then PowerPak is the gadget for you. This universal charging solution will help minimize your baggage while traveling by combining your needed backup rechargeable battery pack and a fast home charger in one device. With such, you won’t just reduce your chances of not enjoying your gadgets while on the go because of a drained battery; you also lessen the things you bring with you on your travels as this can act both as a battery and as a charger. It will also help make your bag less cluttered by allowing you to get rid of your wired charger.

Designed to deliver the extra juice your gadgets need when you’re away from home, the PowerPak will recharge your handheld gadget and recharges itself through the wall outlet at the same time. So if you talk too much on the phone, you no longer have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of your great conversation. The PowerPak will provide you with up to three hours of extra talk time. If you’re trying to be eco-conscious, then you’ll be happy to know that this device meets Energy Star requirements. It draws very small amount of power from your wall outlet when additional power isn’t necessary. It comes with easy-to-read LED indicator lights which show the remaining capacity of the PowerPak in just a press of a button.

When you purchase the Technocel Universal Power Pak Home Charger and Back Up Battery, you’ll also find interchangeable tips included in the packaging. This will provide compatibility for almost 95% of all handheld USB devices. Other things included in the packaging are system USB cable, Samsung, Casio, Pantech, and Sony Ericson compatible interchangeable tip, a whole lot more.

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