POP Phone – The Handset That’s Just Right for your Mobile Gadgets

Let’s take a little trip down the memory lane. Remember the days back when we used to stay up all night talking to our friends or loved ones via this rather bulky phone with a cord connecting the handset. Maybe, you even have a phone pal back then or you spend hours talking to your crush ’til the wee hours of the morning. Oh, those were the days! Today, do you still have that bulky telephone at home? For sure, you don’t. Mobile phones are what’s in, but I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me when I say that sometimes these high-end gadgets are not too convenient when it comes to making long calls. So, have you ever wished there’s an accessory that you can connect to your phone to make long conversations more comfortable and convenient? If yes, then wish no more because it’s here, and it’s called the POP Phone.

See the images? Yes, I know, you’re thinking about the old handset you’ve got there. It does look like it, only that it’s not connected to that bulky phone, but instead, you can very much use it on your mobile gadgets such as your iPhone, tablet, and more, as long as you fit it with the right adaptor (which is sold separately). Now, if what you have is a laptop, you need to pair it with a USB adaptor, so you can use it to make VOIP computer telephone calls via Skype or Google Talk. This will make your calls a lot more convenient because you need not sit in front of your laptop to talk to your loved ones. Even while lying down, you can do so because of it’s reliable cord.

So, are you excited for this gadget accessory? Check out the POP Phone here.

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