Polaris 9300xi Remote Control Robotic In-Ground Cleaner

There are so many ways that you can do to clean your pool. You can use pool vacuum cleaners, pool brushes, chemicals, or a pool net. Although each of these cleans in a different manner, still they are all geared to one purpose – and that is to maintain your pool’s crystal-clear waters and keep it free from any disease or parasites that may inhabit its waters. But why not add a highly technological way of cleaning it? Get the all-new Polaris 9300xi Remote Control Robotic In-Ground Cleaner.

Using an internal filter canister as its filtration method, the Polaris 9300xi makes sure that your pool is clean and free from any parasite at all times. From pool bottom, walls, and steps, this ingenious cleaning gadget is designed for such surfaces so pool cleaning is made a lot easier. But what makes this more convenient is that it offers two ways of cleaning: one is by custom-programmed automated cleaning mode and two is by remote control called the IntelliNav remote. If you want this cleaner to do the cleaning on its own, then you can very much choose the former. But if you want to control when and where it goes, or simply adjust the cleaning times and rotate it in various directions, you better put it in the remote control mode. The remote is water resistant up to 15ft, so no worries getting it all wet. And since its cord length measures 70TM, you can very much use it on larger pools.

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