Pogoplug Mobile – Turns Any Mobile Device into a Limitless Media Library

Ask mobile device users what’s the most common problem they encounter with their devices and they will quickly reply that their mobile gadgets built-in memory just can’t keep up and that it is expensive to get a separate mobile storage. True enough, some users have an almost unlimited need to create and consume multimedia content on their mobile devices, however these gadgets are not designed with unlimited storage capacity. So, the least that these users do is get a separate mobile storage device or just keep on deleting old content just to accommodate the new. But why delete over and over if you can stream your entire libraries of movies, music, and photos from your home to your mobile devices with the use of Pogoplug Mobile?

Considered as the first mobile-focused hardware product, this Pogoplug Mobile serves mainly as a mobile cloud companion, allowing any user to stream and share unlimited content from their homes to their mobile device such as their phone or tablet. Its extreme multi-media capabilities are optimized for iOS and Android devices, so you never have to worry about running out of memory again. Here, take a look at the key features of this product:

* can stream entire libraries of photos, music, and movies to iPad, iPhone, and any Android device
* Does not require re-downloading the same content to multiple devices
* No storage limits
* Permanent storage and backup of all photos and videos taken using the mobile device. Content trickles back to Pogoplug Mobile in the background with no action required by the user
* Pogoplug Mobile device works seamlessly with the Pogoplug desktop software and Pogoplug mobile apps (iPhone, iPad and Android 2.2 and later)

Get the Pogoplug Mobile here now!

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Pogoplug POGO-V4-A1-01 Movies Music Photo Server Streaming to Mobile Devices (O2
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Pogoplug Mobile POGO-VA-A1-06
Pogoplug Mobile POGO-VA-A1-06
Pogoplug Mobile Backup and NAS Device #POGO-V4-A1-02
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