Play Frisbee in the Dark with Flashflight Nightflyer Jr.

Summer, oh I just love hot summer days! It’s the time when the family goes on a camping trip, hits the beach and even stays overnight, and enjoys lots of outdoor activities. Does your family do all these too? If yes, then you’ll agree with me that summer is indeed one fun season to cherish. But this year, why not do something a little different when you go on a summer trip with the family? If you plan to go camping or stay overnight at the beach or any resort at that, have fun playing Frisbee in the dark with this Flashflight Nightflyer Jr.

Take note, it’s flashflight, not flashlight! Flashflight indeed because it flies in a flash! But the flight speed is not its highlight because we already know that Frisbee flies really fast. What’s more exciting about this tech toy is the way it’s illuminated with a single LED, so you will notice that the entire disc glows in the dark. And it’s not just illuminated on one side but in all its surfaces – the top deck, the concave underside, and on the perimeter of the rim. So it’s very much visible in all angles, making it perfect for early evening fun and games, also during pitch black parties.

How long does the battery lasts? Well, it’s up to 120 hours, giving you more play time fun whether you are at the beach, in a camp, or anywhere outdoors. It’s also water-resistant and includes contacts that are made of stainless steel, so you can play it in any weather. It’s perfect on the beach too because it floats.

This gadget is just simply amazing. So don’t let summer pass without playing Frisbee in the dark. Buy the Flashflight Nightflyer Jr. here now!

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