Play Around with your Own Flying Fish with Air Swimmers

Not all animals can be owned as pets or can be considered as playmates. Though it would seem enjoyable to play with water creatures like the clownfish, the fact that they cannot be removed from water is quite unexciting. If only you can have fun time with Nemo inside your house. But thanks to the new Air Swimmers, you can experience playing around with a fish inside your house! That’s right, a fish hovering in the air that you can play around indoors!

The Air Swimmers are amazing fishes that realistically swim through the air inside your house. They are operated through an infrared remote control with functions to let the fish go up, descend, move the tail fin, and turn 360-degree in a life-like motion. The Air Swimmer is powered only by AAA size batteries, one in the fish body and three in the controller. To use, simply inflate the Air Swimmer with helium through any balloon store or florist shop then assemble the other body parts of the fish at home. With the body’s highly durable nylon material, it can be inflated many times and can be used for weeks. You can choose between a Remote Control Flying Clownfish and a Remote Control Flying Shark. Both have a range of up to 40 feet, length of 57 inches including the tail and height of 36 inches including the fins.

Don’t miss the fun playing with these fishes! Order the Air Swimmers here now!

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  1. After seeing my children’s Christmas lists, I get the feeling that “Santa” will have to get one of these…thanks for sharing!

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