Pivot Power Flexible Power Strip – Plug Them All Now

It’s cool to have lots of electronic gadgets such as your laptop, gaming console, LCD TV with home theater system, music player, digital camera, and video camcorder. But when it’s time to plug these gadgets to power outlets either to play or charge, you can’t help but feel annoyed when the power adapters on your power strip begin to interfere with each other. So you are left with no other choice but to plug them in different outlets in your home or perhaps, wait for one or two to finish charging before you plug in the others. Why wait if you can plug all six adapters in one flexible outlet system? Introducing the Pivot Power – the flexible power strip that allows you to plug six devices at one time!

Designed with jointed sections that rotate around one another to accommodate six outlets, the Pivot Power makes it a lot more convenient for you to use six adapters at one time. Unlike the typical outlets that you used before, this one can be rotated so you can maximize the space for those six adapters. You can line them horizontally, vertically, or you can shape them in whatever shape you want, circular, oblong, etc. The nifty caterpillar-design of this product really makes plugging in adapters easier and less hassle. Plus, it makes sure you have enough room for each of your adapter, eliminating worries about interfering with each other.

So want to fill your room with this nifty gadget? Or maybe you want to see related products first. Check out these Pivot Power Strip products at Amazon!

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