Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Ambient Noise Cancellation Inner Earphones

Do you have an annoying colleague that plays his PC music media player as if he’s the only one working in the room? It would have been okay if you are working in a dancing studio or something. But if you are working in an office setting, his music will sure be so distracting. Try talking to him and ask if he can use headphones instead. But if he won’t badge, simply because he’s a relative of the boss, then you better get yourself this Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Ambient Noise Cancellation Inner Earphones.

When at work, often times, the line “if you can’t beat them, join them” does not yield good results. And so, instead of playing loud music as well to go with the flow, might as well enjoy it on your own with active noise cancellation. The SE-NC31C-K is designed to remove up to 90% of ambient noise, so you can listen to your favorite MP3s without getting pissed by your colleague’s loud music.

Now, if he’s all gone and you have the cubicle all by yourself, then simply turn the power switch to off and still enjoy your music. Just make sure you press that “Monitor” button when your boss comes near you to ask you something. Such move will mute the music and turn off noise-canceling, so you can hear your boss loud and clear. Or else, you’ll know what will happen next.

It’s time to shut the noise made by your insensitive colleague. Order the Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Ambient Noise Cancellation Inner Earphones now!


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