Pet Loc8tor – Search for your Pet No More

Ever imagine a day when you will no longer have to call out or whistle just to find your pet dog or cat? It’s kind of frustrating if you’ve already called your pet’s name on top of your lungs or searched for it in every corner of your home but to no avail. So what do you then? Wish forever that your pet has some sort of alarm that you can trigger when it has gone missing? Well, wish no more because enter the Pet Loc8tor, your friendly locating device for your beloved pet!

Pets like dogs and cats are fun to play with. But it’s definitely no fun when they start to wander away and you’re left with no choice but to search for them. Good thing the Pet Loc8tor is here to save the day. It includes the loc8tor pet handheld device and the 2 mini homing tags that you can attach directly to your pet’s collar. To find your pet, simply press the button and the tag’s signal will be translated into a clear audio and visual prompts on your handheld device. See, that easy! No more yelling and searching for hours. As long as your pet is within 600 feet range, finding it is as easy as counting 1-2-3.

So equip your beloved pet with this Pet Loc8tor to save yourself from hours of searching. Once you have experienced how convenient it is, you will sure not regret getting one. Order the Pet Loc8tor here now!

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Loc8torpet / Loc8tor pet
Loc8torpet / Loc8tor pet
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Loc8tor Acc-LOC8-PetSplash Homing Tag Covers for Pet Collars. Brand New
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6ft ReadyPlug® USB Cable for Loc8tor Pet GPS Tracker Data/Computer/Sync/Charger
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