Parrot DIA – Discover Applications Never Before Seen on a Digital Photo Frame

Geeks like you who want to experience unique technology in a digital frame will find the Parrot DIA very interesting. By merely looking at it, you’ll notice the frame’s uniqueness and originality right away. What makes it different from other digital frames out there is its screen and light that are arranged in two separate places. Parrot DIA is also a sign that the company continues its dynamic innovation in its attempt to provide customers with modern applications. Yes, these applications have never before seen on a digital photo frame.

Parrot DIA delivers comprehensive connectivity. Since this is a Wi-Fi enabled device, you can easily drag-and-drop photos from your Mac or PC directly to the frame. Bluetooth allows you to easily select and use photos from your Smartphones. Its USB port and slots for SD card that are beautifully concealed expand the frame’s memory. Moreover, DIA employs Google Android operating system so you can connect to the Internet and use the two USB ports to hook up a mouse and a keyboard to the frame.

This Parrot 10.4” digital photo frame takes pride in being equipped with LCD colour 4:3 screen with a high resolution of 800×600 Displays photos in 24-bit colour. By simply employing the company’s optimized compression feature, DIA can store up to 1,500 photos. You have a choice to expand its memory using an SD card. No matter what the size of the photo is, it automatically adjusts to fit the frame’s screen. If you want to provide your room with a touch of uniqueness and originality, better get a Parrot DIA now. Check out pricing and availability of this digital photo frame at Amazon.

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