Paint Like Never Before on your Touchscreen Device with the Nomad Brush

To all digital artists out there who have iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, here’s good news for you! You no longer have to get frustrated every time you want to paint or draw digitally using your touchscreen device. Why? Because here’s a geek gadget accessory that will make drawing and painting on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch a lot more convenient – introducing the Nomad Brush! This is actually the first and only capacitative brush stylus on the market for various touchscreen devices. Yes, you can paint like never before on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with smooth flowing brush strokes and no resistance. Plus, simply flip the brush around if you want to enjoy a more controlled stylus experience.

There is really a lot to look forward to in this geek gadget accessory. Its main features include a walnut and carbon handle, a soft ferrule grip that will never scratch your screen, a brush tip that is 0.4″ long, and a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. It is also very comfortable to hold and you’ll definitely find it a lot more suited to detail work and small screen devices like your iPhone. And of course, it boasts a unique dual-tipped design to ensure that you can quickly access the preferred tip for creating digital works on your iPad and other touchscreen devices.

So, what else would you need? Here’s the gadget accessory that you’ve long been waiting to pair with your touchscreen devices. Order the Nomad Brush here now!

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