Pack and Travel Easy with Fold Flat USB Mains Charger

If you often travel with your gadgets, such as your laptop, MP3 player, and mobile phone, chances are you bring along their respective chargers too. They don’t actually bring so much inconvenience, but if you are a light packer, packing them could be such a big headache. So what to do? Buy, rent, or borrow new set of chargers instead in your destination? Oh, that’s so impractical and kind of costly too! Here’s a solution – pre-order this Fold Flat USB Mains Charger instead.

The Fold Flat USB Mains Charger is very far from the typical three-pin plug adapter because as the name implies, it folds to a thickness of 20mm from a full size plug. No need to fret as to how you’ll fit it in your luggage or tire yourself finding a space for your gadgets’ separate chargers. With the Fold Flat USB Mains Charger, packing is made a lot easier for you. And you know what’s even more exciting about it? You can even fold the pins together, so they won’t cause any damage to the other items you put in your luggage. Amazing, right?

So on your next travel, be sure to bring along this ingenious charger. Although you’re used to charging with your old chargers, there’s no harm in giving this gadget accessory a try. But one thing’s certain, once you’ve experienced how easy it is to pack and travel with this thing, you’d never consider bringing your standard chargers again. Pre-order the Fold Flat USB Mains Charger now!

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