P3 E9310 Wireless Pool Sensor – To Swim or Not to Swim?

To swim or not to swim? That’s the question you often ask yourself when you’re already in front of the pool, guessing really hard if the water is too cold for your body to handle. But making a wild guess won’t be of any help, so the best thing to do is to dip your toes at least to know if the water temperature is just right for a swim. Such a hassle, especially if instinct tells you that the water is too cold even for your toes to handle. That would definitely send shivers to your spine and all you can say is “brrr”. But why guess or dip your toes to know your pool water’s temperature? All you need is the P3 E9310 Wireless Pool Sensor and your problem is solved in an instant.

Designed to monitor pool temperature from inside your home, the P3 E9310 Wireless Pool Sensor is the fastest way for you to answer your question, “To swim or not to swim?” It basically includes a wireless transmitter to be used along with a P3 in-home weather station. And to instantly provide you with the pool water temperature reading, it’s made with a large, easy-to-read display so you will know outright if conditions are right for a good swim. No more guessing or dipping your toes in the water just to know how cold it is. The Wireless Pool Monitor surely makes that task a lot faster, easier, and more convenient for you.

Get the P3 E9310 Wireless Pool Sensor here now!

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