Ozaki iUFO – Space-age Style Right Into Your Room!

Geeks love gadgets that do multiple tasks. For that reason, they will surely fall in love with the Ozaki iUFO. This device will not just play your favorite tunes stored in your iPhone or iPod Touch, it will also give your room a space-age style. Amazing, isn’t it? All you need is to connect your apple device and it will flush against the surface of the astounding chrome surround, perfectly blending into the smooth curves of the iUFO.

Thinking of watching you music videos or movie clips? Nothing can hold you back, not even your house chores because the moment your gadget is connected to the Ozaki iUFO, you can simply tilt the chrome surround and adjust the screen to your maximum viewing angle. You also need not worry if you what you want is landscape viewing. All you have to do is twist the chrome surround and the wonderful alien technology in the Ozaki iUFO will turn your device all the way through ninety degree. When you decide to purchase this gadget, here are the things you will get: iUFO speaker, ac adaptor, remote, jack signal cable, plastic strap, user manual, and warranty card.

Below are product features that will make you even more interested in getting Ozaki iUFO:

• Adjustable-angle speaker system for iPhone and iPod Touch
• 4 built-in dynamic speaker drivers
• Music automatically stops when calls received and speakers amplify phone ringing
• Patented turntable design provides upward, downward and rotational movement for viewing iPhone/iPod screen
• Composite video-out to enjoy iPod/iPhone movies
• Wireless remote to control full functions

Click here to purchase the Ozaki iUFO now!

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