Original Sphere Pen Camera: Smart Technique

Spy devices are not ONLY needed for the confidential projects, at times we require them for our daily life surveillance too! Wonder how? In our day to day life, we may simply need it to keep an eye over the kids’ mischief or security of a safe lock or keeping a record of the movements of an ailing person in family etc.

For such purposes a smart technique is required to keep the surveillance. The original sphere pen camera can be extremely beneficial when a person doesn’t want the cameras to be seen and detected.

Conceptualized and developed under the brand of Sphere Gadgets Technologies, this is a brand new model of a 3.51 version. If you are worried about the duration of the recording, then considering this pen camera can be the best solution. With a 4 GB in-built flash drive, it allows a “High Quality” data recording for more than 1.5 hours of continuous video. With a resolution of 640 x 480 pixel the recording from this pen camera can serve as a useful evident if required for any future reference. The videos can be saved and the minute details are noticed while seeing them later by plugging into the PC or MAC Computers.

In terms of still pictures, it is better than any HD camera, and can store as many as 8000 pictures. The pictures have a great resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

The advancement of this original sphere pen camera can be measured by the company’s Micron Chipset. It has an inbuilt battery (Li- ion) that can be charged by either the wall socket or USB from computer. For more details on original sphere pen camera, click here.


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