Orbitsound T12 Soundbar – Turn your Room into a Mini Theater

One of the most relaxing ways that you can do after work is to go to a theater and watch your favorite movie. But oftentimes, you hardly get the chance to do this because your body seems to pull you home and all it wants is to relax inside your nice, cozy room. But hey, why not bring that great cinematic sound to your room? Or better yet, turn your room into a mini theater? All you need is the Orbitsound T12 Soundbar!

Using only the latest in spatial stereo technology, the Orbitsound T12 Soundbar promises to deliver realistic stereo sound that you usually enjoy only when in cinemas. And unlike the typical satellite speakers, this one allows you to experience unbelievable depth and clarity wherever you are inside your room. No need to position it to a “sweet spot” to enjoy full stereo effect. Even if you position it and its accompanying subwoofer under your TV, you’re still provided with crystal clear stereo sound that you’ve always wanted.

But aside from great sound, here’s one feature that you will surely love in this speaker system – its iPod-dockability! In fact, it’s not only limited to iPod, but you can very much dock your iPhone on it as well. So, if you haven’t enjoyed the movies you saved on your iPod or iPhone, then now is the time with this revolutionary speaker.

Sit back, relax, and see a movie! Turn your room into a mini theater now with Orbitsound T12 Soundbar!

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