Orbit USB Stereo – IML247 – Goes Everywhere You Do

The Orbit USB Stereo – IML247 is designed with people who are always on the go in mind. If you are among them, then this will suit your every travel perfectly. You see, most speakers available for laptops and computers are bulky and heavy. So it’s not practical to bring along one on every single trip, especially if it’s out of the country and for an extended period. But with this USB Stereo, you’ll never find any inconvenience in bringing this one along. Why? Because it’s made portable and features a unique, compact design that allows you to interlock the two speakers, as if they are camera lens and then stow the cord. So really, there’s no need to worry about the extra weight and space.

As for sound quality, well these speakers do sound much better than your laptop’s built-in speakers. They actually sound great and can really enhance your entertainment experience, wherever you go. And guess what. They even include a retractable stand so it’ll be a lot easier for you to aim the sound in any direction. No need to move your laptop near you just to make the most out of its sound. With this USB stereo, you’ll be surprised with the great audio it provides in such a small package.

So on your next travel, be sure to have this Orbit USB Stereo – IML247 for convenience. It’s not just easy to carry, consume lesser space, and provide great sound but it’s also very easy to use since it plugs and plays with your USB port, so no batteries or power outlet needed.

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