Olympus VG-110 – Compact, Sleek, and Smart

Do you want a sleek, smart, pocket-sized point-and-shoot digital camera at a price you can afford? Then Olympus VGH-110 is the gadget for you. It comes with a 12-megapixel sensor that allows you to make large prints and 4x wide-angle zoom that lets you capture every special moment of your life. The VGH-110 takes pride in being equipped with Magic Air Filters that will make you accomplish a new level of AVI movie, artistic expression, Digital Image Stabilization, and AF Tracking that makes it possible for you to capture fast moving subjects.

Geeks will sure love the VGH-110 because it is designed with both beginners and professional photographers in mind. You don’t have to worry about getting the frame you want, this digital camera will help you achieve that with its 26mm 4x wide-angle optical zoom. Customizing images will sure be hassle-free with the in-camera Magic Air Filters that include Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish-Eye, Soft Focus, Drawing, New! Sparkle, and Punk. Olympus VGH-110’s AF Tracking technology continuously fine-tunes brightness and focus so you can keep fast-moving, unpredictable subjects in focus to let get that perfect shot.

Catch the action as it happens and replay them even for the nth time on your camera, TV, or in YouTube! With Olympus VGH-110, you can shoot great videos which lets you turn your every day into an amazing movie day! Other features of this Olympus baby that will make you love it even more are its 2.7-inch display, Face Detection that can detect up to 16 faces, Intelligent Auto Mode, Perfect Fix, and 14 Scene Modes. The Olympus VGH-110 is available in red, black, or silver. Interested? Check out pricing and availability of this digital camera with Olympus 26mm 4x Wide-Angle Zoom Lens at Amazon.

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