Nike+ SportsWatch GPS – Gives You the Extra Push You Need

Perhaps, one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2011 is to be healthier or to exercise more. And so, you list down all the things that you can do to achieve this goal – eat a balanced diet, go to the gym, jog every morning, and walk daily for at least 30 minutes. That list can very well do the trick but why not add one more? Equip yourself with personal cool gadgets like the Nike+ SportsWatch GPS to give you that extra push you need!

Winning two Innovation awards in CES 2011 Health and Wellness and Personal Electronics categories, the Nike+ SportsWatch GPS is the best gadget partner you’ll need to keep track of your running activity. It’s not enough that you do running everyday. You must be able to keep track of your progress so you will not lose sight of your goal. And this SportsWatch GPS will do just that – track what you do, track how you do it, and then motivate you to do it again and again. In times when you don’t feel like running, simply look at the props you got for your personal records and the onscreen run reminders to get you up and running.

As for accuracy, this device actually combines GPS accuracy with the shoe-based Nike+ sensor to track pace, time, calories burned, heart rate, and distance. Plus, if you want to view your running history, set new running goals, and interact with other runners worldwide, all you have to do is connect this watch to Brilliant, right?

So get that extra push you need with Nike+ SportsWatch GPS. But since this will be out in Spring, better check out other Sport Watch GPS for more options.

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