Neato XV-12 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Makes Cleaning a Breeze

Convenience – that’s one of the many benefits that the modern technology brings. And we are all so fortunate to experience such convenience because we get to do many other tasks unlike if we don’t have any modern equipment at all. Let’s take our house chores for example. In the past, people did everything manually, from washing dishes to clothes and from cleaning the house to keeping things organized. But now, everything can be done conveniently, yes including house cleaning! If you haven’t experienced this convenience yet, then it’s high time you equip your home with home cleaning gadgets such as this Neato XV-12 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Designed as a real vacuum, the XV-12 features a powerful suction that leaves your floors and carpet squeaky clean and free from all forms of dirt and dust. Thanks to its beater brush, now you need not mop the floor or wash the carpet clean just to restore its like-new condition. This gadget also features methodical cleaning, whereas it uses a smart path planning and a back-and-forth pattern to make sure that your carpets and floors are thoroughly cleaned. And if you’re worried about your furniture and walls being scratched all over by this gadget, well you don’t have to because this is built with scuff-free navigation. The XV-12’s laser-mapping technology constantly updates its internal map so it can detect objects that are more than four inches in height and instead of bumping on them, it simply cleans around them. Cool, right?

The benefits of this robot vacuum cleaner could actually go on and on. But if you want to see other related products, you can check out these automatic vacuum cleaner options at Geekie Store.

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