Native Union Play Video Memo – No Need to Write that Message

I’m pretty sure you often use post-its to leave message to your family or roommate when you’re off to go somewhere. Well, that’s really the easiest thing that anyone can do – write a short note, post it on the ref door or any wall, and leave. But sometimes, people dread doing this, especially when it comes to the writing part. If they’re in a hurry to leave, usually what they do instead is send a text message or make a call. However, not everyone has a sharp memory, and more often than not, some people tend to forget to relay the message thru text message or call. So, if you happen to belong to this group, why not try making a short video instead? Yes, no need to write that message, just create a short video clip and that’s it! How to get started? First, you need to get this Native Union Play Video Memo.

Okay, so how does this gadget work? Simple – it records video as short as 3 minutes, so instead of writing, you just stand in front of it and create a video of yourself while relaying that message. Messages are actually recorded with time and date, so the person who’s going to view it won’t be confused at all. Once you’re done recording, you just mount it on the fridge or other metallic surface where anyone can see it at once. So cool, right? Who needs a post-it and a pen if here’s a gadget that can make leaving message a lot more convenient?

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself this Native Union Play Video Memo now!

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