Naneye – Nothing Big Can Do Small Things

It’s sometimes funny how the world changes around you. You might not someday realize the things that surrounded you yesterday for they might change again. Technologies today have evolved from something bigger to being smaller. Not long ago did technology make its mark in the modern world. Now, it has succeeded into making the average person live life brighter and more colorful as possible.

One technology that has succeeded in the market today is cameras. Naturally, cameras are made for providing us with beautiful pictures. But who knows, soon they might do more than just providing pictures. From the first plate cameras to the revolutionary DLSR cameras of today, cameras make picture perfect images of wonderful moments we share with our loved ones.

The Naneye camera is the modern world smallest. Just measuring larger than a hair splint, it can do important things in impossible places. This camera is often used in medical operations for its design which enables doctor to see images than other conventional imaging devices cannot reach.

Specifications of the Naneye are:

  • 1mm x 1mm size
  • 250 x 250 pixel resolution
  • 0.99 mm diameter

In so much as we love cameras, the smaller might be the better. This gadget would also be a good surveillance camera and even a spy camera. Not like any other camera today, the Naneye is acclaimed to change the lives of people all over the world.  Soon, the next generation of cameras will emerge. So what can we expect from them?



Check out more details about the Naneye here at .



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