Munitio Standard Issue Earphones – Bullets in your Ears

What? Bullets in the ears? How can that be possible? Yes, literally, you got bullets in your ears when you use this Munitio Standard Issue Earphones!

Designed as high spec ear buds that are shaped like 9mm shell cases, this set of earphones really makes it appear like you have bullets in your ears. But in spite of its 9mm ammunition cases look, it’s actually nothing more than a piece of audio accessories.

Made with NASA-inspired titanium-coating for unmatched durability, this geek gadget provides an incredibly pure sound and tightest most accurate bass without distortion with Munitio’s proprietary BassEnhancingChamber™. It also features SiliconeHollowPoints™ with noise isolating technology so you get more of great music rather than the noise around you. And with its Custom tuned AccousticSoundFlowSystem™, you get to experience only the smoothest mid to high frequency response while reducing ear fatigue.

Other features of this product includes Kevlar® reinforced fabric cable, combining light weight with high strength so that the premium copper wire is very much protected from stretching and shorting, keeping those MUNITIO earphones sounding incredible for a very long time. Its 3.5mm stereo plug is also 24k Gold plated for exceptional audio signal transfer. And this is even made more flexible because it’s compatible with most leading industry Mp3 and PDA devices.

So do you want to experience this uniquely-designed earphones? Yes, I know, the feeling is kind of awkward just thinking that you got some kind of bullets in your ears. But hey, that is where the excitement is!

So go and grab yourself this set of Munitio Standard Issue Earphones now!

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