Motorola MOTOACTV – Fitness Tracker and Music Player in One

Music is a perfect blend to exercise and Motorola is very much aware of this. To cater the need of consumers on having fitness tracking device together with music capability, Motorola revealed MOTOACTV, a combination of wearable fitness performance tracker and smart music player. It features a 1.6-inch touch-screen interface to quickly and easily launch a new workout or search your favorite workout song. What’s more interesting about the MOTOACTV is that it can evaluate which tracks let you motivate most by measuring performance against your track. The songs can also be used to create a personal high-performance playlist. The Motorola device can hold up to 4,000 songs and there is also an FM radio option for added song choices. The MOTOACTV can be paired to Bluetooth wireless Motorola SF700 and wired Motorola SF500 sports headphones. In addition, there is an option to stay connected to Android-powered smartphone to conveniently take calls, receive SMS and listen using the crystal-clear audio headphones.

Since the MOTOACTV is also designed as a fitness tracker, it can constantly track fitness performance stats, which involves pace, distance, calories burned, as well as map of route covered. The Motorola AccuSense technology ensures the measurement accuracy of performance and fitness data are automatically synced to The MOTOACTV’s battery can last up to five hours for outdoor workouts, 10 hours indoors, and almost two weeks when on standby mode. The MOTOACTV is lightweight and ultra-portable so it can easily be strapped on the wrist or arm, clipped to your shirt or can be mounted on your bike during an outdoor ride.

The MOTOACTV comes in two selections, 8G which is $249 and 16G at $299. The sports headphones are sold separately and priced at $149 (SF700) and $99 (SF500). Availability of MOTOACTV will be on November. To find more on MOTOACTV related products, visit GeekieStore.

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