MobiUS SP1 – Portable and Affordable Ultrasound Imaging

Medical equipments are expensive just like healthcare cost that’s why others at times could not afford the use of such devices. Although these equipments are pricey, they are essential to use especially for early health diagnostics and monitoring. To promote inexpensive but still accurate diagnostics, Mobisante created the MobiUS SP1 which is the first smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system in the world. This portable ultrasound is cleared by the Food & Drug Administration and makes ultrasound imaging affordable to clinics and healthcare professionals especially in limited resources setting and to those practicing medicine. The MobiUS SP1 combines the power and wireless connectivity of smartphone with the internet to provide a more personal and accessible use of the ultrasound. With this, remote diagnosis, second opinion, and archival of the images can be securely and easily shared through mobile network, Wi-Fi, or direct PC connection. Unlike bulky traditional ultrasound device, the MobiUS SP1 only has 5.1″ x 2.75″ x 0.4″ dimension thus can easily fit inside the pocket and can be taken to wherever the patient is. It is also easy to operate using its intuitive 4.1″ WVGA (800×480) touch screen interface.

Since MobiUS SP1 offers mobile and accessible ultrasound imaging, a lot of professionals will benefit the use of this device. Medical providers, directors, and CEOs can reduce costs without comprising healthcare quality while doctors, nurses, OBs, and radiologists can conduct faster exams and diagnosis to the patients. Clinical applications include examination of abdomen, aorta, thyroid, kidneys, gall bladder, soft tissues, foreign bodies, vascular, implants, bladder volume, pregnancy, FAST protocol for impact of trauma detection, DVT evaluation, and vascular access.

Some of the specs are listed below:

• Image Resolution – Up to 480×480
• Image Size: ~ 250KB as .BSX or ~42KB as JPEG
• Imaging Presets, Plus Optimization – Gain – Near, Mid, Far; Depth, Scale, Intensity, Contrast, Text annotations, Arrow, Measurements
• Image storage – 8GB (+32,000 images) or optional additional storage up to 32GB
• Cine – up to 6 secs, ~4MB
• Patient Data – First name, Last name, ID, DOB, Picture
• Supported Transducers – 3.5 and 5.0 MHz — Abdominal, OB/Gyn, Guidance procedures 7.5 and 12 MHz — Vascular, Small organs

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