Mobislyder – World’s First Portable Camera Slider

Are you fond of creating videos using your small video-enabled device? If yes, how’s your experience? Was it fun? Or was it frustrating because your hand gets too tired from holding the device while shooting? If you answer yes to the latter, then what you need is a geek gadget accessory that will make the task a lot easier and more convenient for you. You see, you don’t really have to do all the movements when capturing videos because this ingenious gadget called the Mobislyder is designed to do them for you.

Dubbed as the world’s first portable camera slider, the mobislyder is made compatible to various small video-enabled devices such as iPhones, compact digital cameras, small DSLRs, and smartphones. It is designed mainly to control flowing movements to your video production, so you have more freedom and flexibility to create different shots in a variety of angles, less the strain and inconvenience. It’s available with 5 different mounts, so you’ve got plenty of ways to attach it to your device. It’s also very simple to use, so you don’t have to do a lot of preparations prior to your production. And if you want to add extra length to it, you can always opt for the longer 660mm rail. This gives an extra 300 mm of travel, making it ideal for those who seek to produce videos in a wider area.

So, do you find this item worth using with your iPhone and other small video-enabled devices? Take a closer look at the mobislyder here.

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