miniCASTER – Your Companion for State of the Art Mobile Broadcasting

Are you in need of an ideal buddy for state of the art mobile broadcasting scenarios such as emergency response, new gathering, and behind the scenes reports from conferences, sports events, and other occasions or celebrations? The new, ultra-mobile miniCASTER is the device for you! This is TV.1 EU’s first hardware-based encoder designed to deliver high-quality SD/ HD as a truly mobile device. This is ultra lightweight and compact so you can bring it anywhere you want. It can also be deployed and connected to high-performance Content Delivery Network of TV.1EU in just a few seconds.

With the miniCASTER, you can now say goodbye to the old days when people need to mount large encoding hardware in gigantic racks and get stuck in dark basements or co-location just to generate broadcast quality streams. The good news is, you can now set-up your camera, plug the miniCASTER and presto! You can go live on Air in only two minutes. All you need is to turn the miniCASTER on and push the “Record” Button. Other features of the miniCASTER include:

• ”One-to-many” and ”one-to-one” Streaming
• Powerful battery on board
• Livestreaming & SD-Card recording in one device
• SD & HD Livestreaming out of one box
• Management Software & Display on board
• Web-based Repository Service
• Total mobility through ultralight device (225 grams)
• Wireless Streaming anytime, anywhere
• Guarantee to work with Flash & iPhone/iPad (H.264 codec)
• Ultra small: 2.95“ W x 4.93“ H x 1.34“ D

Click here and check out availability and pricing of the miniCASTER at Amazon.

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