Mini Microscope for iPhone

Now it’s time for geeks like you to be a bit scientifical. How? By getting a Mini Microscope for iPhone. Yes, this device will help unleash the scientist or the discoverer in you. Outfitted with a 60x zoom, this pocket-sized wonder will sure turn your humdrum iPhone 4 camera into a kind of instrument that deserves a place in your laboratory. As it is well known, a microscope enables you to see those objects that are too small for the naked eye to see. That said, this mini microscope will sure be a great addition for your iPhone.

The Mini Microscope is equipped with three LEDs to light up your close-ups. These lights can also be used to startle your subjects into a corner. Amazingly, one of the LEDs functions as a verifier for watermarks. This device isn’t just great for grown-ups like you; it is also perfect for kids who have got plenty of questions as to what makes up a certain object. By letting your kiddos peak into the microscope, you are allowing them do some close up science.

What you prefer to zoom into is all up to you. With a Mini Microscope, you are free to discover new life forms in your backyard or in the garden. This device measures approximately 3.7cm(D) x 4.1cm(H) x 1.7cm(W). With such dimensions, you can be sure that the Mini Microscope is portable enough to be carried anywhere! However, it is compatible with iPhone 4 only. If you own such phone, better click here and get yourself a Mini Microscope for iPhone now!

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