MINI GADGETS HS203C Mini 2.4ghz Wireless Color Spy Cam

A very basic need of spying is a good camcorder and audio recorder. All the investigations can prove their worth only with the help of these proofs of recordings. Thus, to fulfill the true needs of a camera recorder, the MINI GADGETS HS203C Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Color Spy Cam is introduced as a true wireless camera.

At a range up to 300 foot, this gadget is a new generation’s color sensor camera with its Omni vision feature. The Omni vision sensor works at 380 line color at 2 Lux. The device is operated on a single battery with a power of 9 Volt. The camera includes a wireless receiver with 2.4 Giga Hertz frequencies. Its small size of 2/3″ Cube is worth flaunting its large capabilities. It can provide a freedom for the field of speculation till 80 degrees that can give the view of a complete room of normal size.

Despite the above seeming-to-be complicated specifications, MINI GADGETS HS203C Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Color Spy Cam is very SIMPLE TO USE. Every person can use this device and can even hide it is small places like beneath a plant, automobile, video case or air vent, motorcycle helmet etc.

The package includes 2.4 GHz color miniature video camera, 2.4 GHz wireless receiver, video cable, two battery clips of 9 Volt and two AC adapters. The data from the camera can be easily transferred to the other PC for future reference.

For more information on MINI GADGETS HS203C Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Color Spy Cam, click here.


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